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Properly caring for prized historic trees is critical for tree health and for the safety of people near them. One Georgia tree that has received expert care is known as the Darien Waterfront Oak. This magnificent live oak (Quercus virginiana) is the oldest tree in Darien, and was recently named first runner up in the 2015 Great American Tree Competition. Thousands of visitors and residents annually enjoy the tree's beauty and shade at Darien's historic port. The Darien Waterfront Oak is estimated to be 250 years old, measures 85 inches in diameter and 55 feet tall, with a 100 foot crown spread.
Based on the recommendation of arborists, the Darien Waterfront Oak was recently pruned, as pictured here. Pruning allows more light and air to circulate through the tree's canopy, helping keep it healthy for the years ahead.

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