Five Year Plan

The State of the Urban Forest Report includes a summary of the accomplishments of the Georgia Forestry Commission's Sustainable Community Forestry Program and the activities of members of the Georgia Urban Forest Council since 2006. General information about the state of Georgia's urban forests including tree canopy, impervious surface, Tree City USA program participation and other available resources are provided.

The purpose of the Five Year Plan for Georgia's Urban and Community Forest is to provide strategic direction for urban and community forest programs and to coordinate statewide efforts to value, conserve, manage and enhance Georgia's community forests. The Five Year Plan for Georgia's Urban and Community Forest includes four important goals that the stakeholders will strive to achieve between 2013 and 2017. Success will depend on partnerships to keep Georgia's trees health and safe amid issues such as limited funding, urbanization, threats from insects, disease natural disasters and invasive species and feeling a loss of connection to the land for many individuals.

Strategic goals inlcude:

  1. Promote tree canopy and longevity at the landscape scale through the green infrastructure approach.
  2. Increase active participation of local communities to advocate for community forests through education and tree plantings.
  3. Promote the development and enforcement of local tree ordinances.
  4. Promote sustainable community forestry by training professionals to implement best management practices.