Forest Health in Georgia

Pines Hardwoods

A top priority of the Georgia Forestry Commission is protecting the health of Georgia's forests.

The Forest Health Program staff conducts and oversees a variety of pest surveys to monitor and detect the presence of insects, diseases, and invasive plants that can harm Georgia's forests; monitors damage caused by disaster events such as wildfire, hurricanes, and tornadoes that can affect forest health; provides support for issues that are not easily diagnosed or occurring on a regional scale; and, offers technical assistance and training to land managers in order to minimize the impact of regional issues such as periodic pine bark beetle outbreaks, heterobasidion root disease, and non-native exotics such as the hemlock woolly adelgid, gypsy moth, and the redbay ambrosia beetle/laurel wilt disease.

County Foresters and Chief Rangers provide the majority of forest health assists to landowners in Georgia. Foresters are available for a variety of insect, disease, and invasive plant diagnosis and advice.

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