What We're Doing About Southern Pine Beetle in Georgia

The Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) takes a proactive role in minimizing the damage caused by the destructive southern pine beetle insect via the following activities.


Insect traps are deployed throughtout the state each spring to detect population levels of both the southern pine beetle and their natural enemy (clerid beetles). Based upon this trapping data, accurate predications can be made about southern pine beetle population levels for the year and the damage that can be expected.

Aerial Surveys

Each summer for over 30 years the Georgia Forestry Commission has conducted aerial surveys to detect damage being caused by the southern pine beetle. Landowners having damage are notified of the problem and offered assistance to control these insects. Historical survey data

Cost Share Program

The U.S.D.A. Forest Service provides federal funds to offer a statewide cost share program to Georgia landowners. Certain practices that enhance the health and vigor of pine forests are known to help fight off damage from southern pine beetles and the GFC will pay part of the costs to implement these practices. For more details on this cost share program contact your local GFC Forester.

Photos (GFC)

Southern pine beetle trapping
Southern pine beetle trapping
Aerial survey of southern pine beetle damage
Aerial survey of southern pine beetle damage


Overstocked loblolly pine stand
Overstocked loblolly pine stand with over 1,000 stems per acre. This is a high risk stand for southern pine beetle damage.
Improved Stand
Same stand after precommercial thinning - stand now has less than 500 stems per acre. Southern pine beetle risk is much lower and stand health & vigor improved.