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Colossal Live Oak Earns Georgia Champion Tree Status

A massive live oak tree that could be more than 300 years old has been added to Georgia's Champion Tree register. Visit our current Tree Talk page, too.


GFC Seedling Sales Brisk For Planting Season

The Georgia Forestry Commission has begun accepting orders for its wide variety of softwood and hardwood seedlings. "Sales are already brisk," said Jeff Fields, GFC's Reforestation Chief.


Top Non-Native Invasives

The list of Georgia's top non-native invasive plants has been updated.


Ware County Arson Suspect Arrested

A Waycross man is in custody following his arrest by Georgia Forestry Commission law enforcement personnel on wildland arson charges.


Search Launched For "Great American Tree"

A nationwide contest is underway to locate the 2015 "Great American Tree." The American Grove is looking for trees that are community landmarks, have environmental or historic significance, or simply have a story that makes them extraordinary.


EPD's Open Burning Ban Begins May 1

Beginning May 1 and ending September 30, Georgia Environmental Protection Division's (EPD) open burning ban will be in effect for 54 Georgia counties. Citizens are reminded that these rules are in place for a reason - and the reason is health.


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The Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) is a dynamic state agency responsible for providing leadership, service and education in the protection and conservation of Georgia's forest resources. Our headquarters is located in Dry Branch, Georgia. District and county offices are located throughout the state. Commission professionals provide a wide variety of services including fire detection, issuing burn permits, wildfire suppression and prevention services, emergency and incident command system expertise, rural fire department assistance, forest management assistance to landowners and communities, the marketing and utilization of forest resources and nature services, and growing and selling quality tree seedlings for planting.

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Field Day Offers Tools To Improve Land Value
Georgia landowners will be learning more about maximizing all aspects of the natural environment on September 17, during the 2015 Agroforestry & Wildlife Field day at the University of Georgia Griffin campus.
Wildfires and Drones Don't Mix
The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is supporting the U.S. Department of the Interior and U.S. Forest Service in their simple message to drone operators: If you fly; we can't.
New Law Strengthens Timber Sale Regulations (click for details)
A new law strengthening timber sale regulations and increasing protection for forest landowners went into effect on July 1st. House Bill 790 brings change to many parts of the timber sale process and the authority of GFC law enforcement officers to enforce all laws relating to the protection, security, conservation or sale of timber transactions.

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